As of April 9, more than 4,500 units of 's Li ONE has been delivered to users, Chinese electric vehicle maker Lixiang Automotive said today.

In addition, according to vehicle insurance data, the number of Lixiang ONE insured in the first quarter was 2,989.

A few days ago, Li Xiang, CEO of Lixiang Automotive, said of the current funding situation that it would only cost US $ 1 billion to make the company profitable. The 500 million US dollars raised in the last round have not been touched until today.

Li Xiang said that half of Lixiang's money is spent on research and development, and about 30% of the money is placed in the factory. Until now, it is estimated that less than 20% of the money spent on personnel and marketing.

Li Xiang is more cautious about the sales forecast for this year. He said that he will not make predictions first, because it is hard to say how the epidemic will develop in the future.