The impact of the new coronavirus epidemic on the economy and consumer fields has far exceeded SARS, and even exceeded the impact of the 2008 financial crisis on the global economy, Li Xiang, CEO of Chinese electric vehicle maker , said on Weibo today.

Li Xiang said that the impact of the epidemic on domestic service industry and export industry is particularly significant: especially the service industry represented by the catering industry. At present, many stores in related industries are difficult to survive, and they have withdrawn from the market.

Li Xiang believes that although China's epidemic situation has been effectively controlled, the development of overseas epidemic situation will still have a negative impact on the domestic service industry and import and export industry. Nowadays, it is most important for enterprises to flexibly adjust their operating goals.

In addition, in response to the user's question about "how does the epidemic affect the ideal car", Li Xiang said: "The ideal car's cash reserve is sufficient for the worst condition for 36 months. Don't worry about this. Our company saves money. Used to, when the external environment is difficult, it can highlight our management capabilities. "

The following is the translated full text of Li Xiang's Weibo:

The impact of the epidemic on the economy and consumption is far from SARS comparable, and even far exceeded the financial crisis in 2008 and the Internet bubble in 2000 (impact on technology companies).

I saw that the latest predictions of the impact of several financial institutions on the global epidemic continued until the beginning of 2022. It is expected that there will be a repeat this winter this winter, and there will be a small repetition next winter. It will be almost eliminated in the spring of 2022.

There are two very obvious impacts on the country. The first is a service industry that focuses on catering. Although the epidemic in China is well controlled, as long as there is an epidemic overseas, those imported into the country must be strictly controlled.

This will undoubtedly have a considerable impact on the service industry, because the high-infectious virus sparks can be ignited without good control.

At present, many stores in the catering and service industries have been seen, and the signs of transfer have been put on the market.

The second is exports. The rapid development of China's economy over the past three decades has basically contributed half of its exports. The current epidemic in Europe and America will undoubtedly have a huge impact on consumption and will inevitably affect the demand for imports.

This particular period, especially for entrepreneurs, must not underestimate the impact and destructive power of the epidemic. You have to make a 200% effort before you have a chance to get the goal you set before. Either redouble your efforts or lower your goals rationally. It is much better to take the initiative to face yourselves than to dump the company.

The most important thing is to survive!