On March 27, China FAW launched a construction project of an intelligent network connected innovation test base in Changchun.

The total planned area of the new test base is 266,000 square meters, with a total investment of 2.69 billion yuan.

Xu Liuping, chairman and party secretary of China FAW, said: "China FAW will take it as an important support and an important carrier to further accelerate the development of new energy intelligent networked industrialization."

Xu Liuping said, strive for the project to be completed as early as possible, and contribute to China's automotive industry surpassing the world's advanced level,

Last year, FAW Hongqi released the "2030 Technology Development Strategy". Hongqi will invest 150 billion yuan in R&D and investment in new energy and intelligent network technology, and increase the number of R&D personnel to 5,000. It is planned that by 2030, Hongqi will in the field of network connection, we will build China's leading and world-class intelligent network connection all-scenario platform architecture.

Hongqi H9, which has begun to accept reservations, is equipped with the latest Smile 1.0 intelligent network connection system. It has a rear intelligent control system, which integrates advanced automatic driving assistance systems, intelligent ecological AI engines, five-screen linkage, intimate voice assistants, full scene Many technologies such as remote car control.