Beijing encourages charging station constructions with awards-CnEVPost

The current range of electric vehicles in the market can generally reach more than 400 kilometers, which can effectively meet the daily travel needs of users. The convenience of charging has gradually become the primary factor for consumers to consider new energy models.

However, the most important factor for convenient charging is the construction of a charging pile that meets the needs of the use. At present, the supporting facilities for charging are not complete, and the construction of charging piles depends on government support and preferential conditions.

Recently, the Beijing Urban Management Committee issued two notices that will subsidize the internal public charging facilities of the units that were put into operation before May 31, 2020 and have not received construction subsidies. A single charging station can receive up to 200,000 yuan per year.

Specifically, the new policy has no change in the annual evaluation award standard from 2018, and it is still divided into four gears: A, B, C, and D. The maximum reward is 106 yuan/kW · year, and the upper limit is 200,000 yuan/station · year.

However, in terms of daily assessment rewards, 2018 stipulated that the A-class charging station with the best assessment and evaluation was awarded with a reward of 0.2 yuan per kilowatt-hour, with an upper limit of 1500 kW/kW · year; in 2020, the daily reward standard was set at 0.1 yuan/KWh, the upper limit is 1500 kWh/kW · year. The 2020 regulations unify daily reward standards.

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