Recently, rumors were circulating that Zhu Jiang, vice president of user development at , will step down as vice president and switch to consultant. In response, Zhu responded on Monday in WeChat friends circle saying "too many people have come to greet me today. I'm now working!"

Prior to joining Nio, Zhu Jiang was the Deputy General Manager of Lexus China, responsible for brand marketing.

In addition, he has served as the vice president of MINI China brand management, the vice president of Amazon Kindle brand marketing, and the vice president of BMW China. He has extensive experience in brand building and marketing.

However, at the moment Nio is in a critical period of financing, changes in core executives may have an impact on Nio's financing process.

According to Nio's latest financing announcement, on the evening of March 5, Nio issued an announcement on its investor relations website, announcing the completion of another $ 235 million in convertible debt financing projects.

On February 25th, Nio received a strategic financing of 14.5 billion yuan. Nio announced that its China headquarters will be settled in Hefei.

According to the online public information, as of now, Shanghai Nio Co., Ltd., the main company of Nio, has raised a total of 12 financings, and the financing amount has exceeded 44.3 billion yuan.

Although Nio's financing has been relatively smooth in recent times, the changes of its executives are also quite frequent.

Previous executives such as Nio co-founder Zheng Xiancong, software vice president Zhuang Li, and CFO Xie Dongying have left.

The rumors of the departure of Vice President Zhu Jiang also cast a shadow on Nio's personnel changes.