Motors said today that Junli Gu, its vice president of autonomous driving who had worked at , offered to leave the company for personal development and family reasons.

The company said that it will not affect the normal operation of the department or the original business because of the departure of the individual.

At present, Xpeng's autonomous driving team is led by Wu Xinzhou, vice president. The established product planning and technological development of the autonomous driving business are progressing smoothly.

In October 2017, Xpeng announced that Dr. Junli Gu, former lead technician of Tesla's autopilot machine learning, was appointed as Vice President of Xpeng Autonomous Driving R&D and is responsible for the creation of the Xpeng Autonomous Driving R & D team.

Junli Gu leads artificial intelligence innovation and autonomous driving software research and development, and reports directly to Chairman He Xiaopeng.

Junli Gu joined Tesla in 2016 and is a key member of the legendary processor architect Keller team.

She was responsible for setting up a Tesla machine learning team, developing Autopilot 2.0 products and implementing large-scale deployment on multi-generation Tesla vehicles.