The chip downgrade of some Model 3s produced by Tesla's Shanghai Gigafactory have caused widespread concern in China. Regarding this issue, Tesla CEO Elon Musk responded today on twitter.

For those not familiar with this ongoing issue, cnTechPost reported on Monday that when a group of car owners obtained the China-made Model 3s, rumors that the cars' installed hardware did not match the information reported by Tesla were reported on the Internet.

Suspected owners posted on the Internet that the vehicle hardware model and description do not match.

These posts stated that when they inspected the vehicle, they found that the vehicle controller model of the China-made Model 3 they purchased was Hardware 2.5, which is not consistent with the actual installation of Hardware 3.0 as described in the information on the "Environmental Information for Electric Vehicles" list.

Although Tesla said that this problem occurred because of the resumption of work at the Shanghai Super Factory, according to the supply chain conditions, it did not purchase the upgraded version 3 of the standard battery life of the fully automatic driving function, and recently installed the HW2.5 version of the hardware.

Responding to this, Musk said those who complained didn't actually order FSD. Perhaps they weren't aware that the computer is upgraded for free if the FSD option is ordered even after delivery.

On Tuesday, Tesla apologized for the issue and said it would replace the part for free.

Tesla said that Tesla China had learnt that some upgraded models of China-made standard range Model 3 owners reported that their vehicle controller hardware codes are inconsistent with the environmental protection information on the on-vehicle list. In this regard, they understand consumers' moods and highly value the matter.

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