The deployment in electric vehicle (EV) industry by Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., the largest assembler of Apple Inc.’s iPhones, is quite smooth, and new applications for related products will be available as soon as 2021, the company’s chairman Young Liu said on Tuesday according to Taiwan Economic Daily.

Young Liu revealed that Hon Hai's electric vehicle layout will not be limited to pure electric vehicles, but will cover the two major categories of hybrid electric and pure electric vehicles.

He said that in the early days, hybrid applications were mainly for oil and gas, but he would not directly participate in vehicle manufacturing, but would fully cooperate with partners to strengthen supply chain management capabilities.

It is estimated that pure electric vehicle-related products will be launched in two years, but details cannot be disclosed at present, he said.

Young Liu mentioned that Hon Hai, , known also as Foxconn, is optimistic about the application of electric vehicles and will first focus on the design of vehicle chassis platforms. It hopes that vehicle components will be standardized and used on different platforms, thereby increasing the use of vehicle components.

The engine part Hon Hai itself will be laid out. As for the battery module of the vehicle, it will not give up the layout, and there is no plan for the battery.

He said that Hon Hai has many "famous" big customers in the layout of automotive components. In the past, it lacked the ability to design vehicles. After cooperating with Yulon Motor, it can complement Hon Hai's vehicle design capabilities and turn good components into one. Platform for future automotive customers.

Yulon Motor is one of the professional automobile manufacturers in Taiwan. It was founded in Taiwan in 1953 by Yan Qingling, an entrepreneur from Shanghai. It was originally called "Yulong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.".

The establishment of Yulon Motor started the history of the development of the automotive industry in Taiwan after the war.

Since the beginning of this year, Hon Hai has frequently made arrangements for the automotive sector. In January, Hon Hai announced that its direct or indirect holding subsidiary plans to sign a cooperation framework agreement with Fiat Chrysler Automobile Co. to jointly develop and produce pure electric vehicles and operate connected car business.

According to the plans of both parties, the cooperation between Hon Hai Group and Fiat Chrysler will confirm the details after signing the contract in the middle of this year. The focus of the cooperation will be on design, components and supply chain management, and it will not step into vehicle manufacturing, and two years after the signing Launch product.

At that time, it was reported that Fiat Chrysler will be responsible for the production of electric vehicles, and Hon Hai and its subsidiaries will provide electronic components and software.

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