The higher the value of the vehicle, the lower the probability that the owner will show courtesy to pedestrians, a recent study by the University of Nevada-Las Vegas showed.

For every $1,000 increase in vehicle value, the probability that a vehicle owner will slow down and give way to a pedestrian decrease by 3%, the study shows.

The research team pointed out that because luxury car drivers tend to have superior narcissistic superiority, when facing other passers-by, most of them will not be durable, which will cause subsequent possible road disputes.

In this survey, researchers asked volunteers to cross the crosswalk hundreds of times and recorded and analyzed the responses of drivers. The conclusion shows that luxury car owners are more psychologically superior than other car owners and are more likely to have narcissism, leading to their lack of understanding and sympathy for pedestrians.

Previous research from the University of Helsinki confirmed the same point. The university surveyed a total of 1892 drivers, and finally found that people with offensive personality (such as self-centered, stubborn, annoying, etc.) are more likely to own Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and other luxury cars.

It is worth noting that the study also showed that some respected, aspiring, and responsible individuals often favor high-priced cars.