At the Day 2019 held in Shenzhen last year, Nio released its third model, the Nio EC6, which is positioned as a smart electric coupe SUV with a long cruising range of up to 615km.

According to Nio, the new car will go on sale in July this year and announce its price, followed by delivery to users in September.

Nio recently said that the EC6 mass production project was officially launched at the JAC plant, which is also the third model to be mass produced at the Hefei JAC Nio manufacturing base.

The wind resistance coefficient of Nio EC6 is as low as 0.27cd. The biggest bright spot is the panoramic skylight glass skylight on the top, with an area of 2.1 square meters. The double-layer heat-insulating glass has an energy transmission rate of only 15% and can block more than 99.5% of ultraviolet rays.

EC6 is available in two versions: sports and performance, and both provide 70kWh, 84KWh, and 100kWh capacity battery packs. The performance version is equipped with the first 160kW permanent magnet motor and 240kW induction motor. The time is only 4.7s.

Such acceleration results have already exceeded the acceleration results of some sports cars.

Models equipped with a 100kWh battery pack have a range of up to 615km under comprehensive conditions. Compared with competitors of the same level, it also has a competitive advantage.

In terms of competition, the Nio EC6 targets the Model Y.

At present, the localization of Model Y has begun, and pre-sale has also begun. The price is divided into rear-drive version of long-term battery life of 444,000 yuan, dual-motor all-wheel drive long-life battery version of 488,000 yuan and dual-motor all-wheel drive high the performance version is 535 thousand yuan.

However, with the localization of domestic Tesla Model Y components increasing, the price of Model Y is expected to drop to less than 400,000 yuan in the future.

With reference to Nio EC6's model positioning and configuration information, Model Y may pose a significant competitive threat to it.