The 2020 model of BMW's first new pure electric i3 was launched in China recently, with a price tag of 305,800 yuan ($43574).

Its NEDC has a range of 340km, and its specifications are not different from the 2020 BMW i3 fast charge version, but the official price has dropped by 34,000 yuan, and it can also enjoy one year of free public charging services.

The BMW i3 is BMW's first all-electric model, and it sold more than 30,000 vehicles worldwide last year.

Compared to and other brands of pure electric models, in addition to the high brand influence of the BMW i3, in terms of electric vehicle product power compared with the current popular models, there is not much competitive advantage.

Therefore, BMW will also reduce the price to increase the competitiveness of the i3 in the pure electric vehicle market.

In terms of appearance and configuration, the 2020 BMW i3 is unchanged from the 2019 BMW i3 fast-charge version. They all keep the i3's family design language, which is highly recognizable.

The new car uses a new battery pack developed in cooperation with Samsung SDI, with a capacity of 42.2kWh and a range of 340 kilometers under NEDC conditions. The maximum power of the driving motor is 125kw, and the peak torque is 250N · m.

BMW offers car owners who purchase the model a free public charging service that is valid for one year. From the date of service activation, during the validity period, the vehicle can use the charging network of the charging service provider cooperated with BMW for free.

At the same time, in terms of warranty, the i3 fast charge has a 3-year warranty on the entire vehicle. During this period, you can enjoy free unlimited power shortage trailer service. In addition, BMW also provides the car with three electric systems (battery, motor and electronic control system) for 8 years or 120,000 kilometers of warranty service.