The Shanghai Development and Reform Commission today announced a list of major construction projects in 2020, of which the second phase of the Gigafactory is on the list of major preliminary projects, according to E-company.

Among the major preparatory projects, the second phase of Tesla Super Factory, civil aircraft avionics system integration platform, SenseTime artificial intelligence computing power platform and chip development project, Disneyland expansion and Jinshan Legoland are listed.

A major preparatory project refers to a project that has not been completed at the current stage but will be implemented shortly after completion.

After months of site selection and final negotiations, Tesla broke ground on the Shanghai Gigafactory in January last year.

The factory took shape at a rapid pace, with construction workers operating around the clock to raise the giant building out of what was a field of mud.

Tesla on October 24 announced the Shanghai Gigafactory was “ready for production” and the new Gigafactory cost 65 percent less than the Model 3 production system it built out in the US, which is scattered between the Gigafactory in Nevada and the company's original factory in Fremont, California.

On October 25, Tesla announced the Model 3 pre-orders are available for the first time to local customers in China.

On December 30, Tesla delivered the first China-made Model 3 at the Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai. The first owners of the Tesla Model 3 made in China were 15 Tesla employees.