Chinese electric vehicle start-up Leapmotor, co-founded by surveillance equipment maker Dahua Technology, said it will release an upgraded version of the LP-S01 460 version in the first half of this year.

Chinese EV start-up Leapmotor to release upgraded version of LP-S01-CnEVPost

The new car will increase its battery range to 451km and will be delivered from March, it said.

LP-S01 is the first mass production model launched by Leapmotor on the market, with a total of 4 versions, with a range of 305km and 380km.

S01 was officially launched on January 3, 2019. LP-S01 positioned the first 100,000-level intelligent pure electric Coupe. At the beginning of the listing, it was provided with two endurance versions (NEDC cruising range of more than 300/380 kilometers) and three car paint colors 3 kinds of interiors.

According to IT House, LP-S01 supports Level 2.5 intelligent driving. In the future, it can be upgraded to Level 3 intelligent driving through OTA online.

In terms of price, the official retail price of LP-S01 is 189,900 to 299,900 yuan. After the comprehensive subsidy, the national unified selling price is 109,900 to 149,900 yuan.