has resumed delivery of its China-made Model 3. Prior to this, Tesla stopped production and delivery due to the outbreak of the coronavirus pneumonia outbreak.

Tesla enthusiast Jay in Shanghai uploaded a video on Twitter showing several vehicle haulers with Model 3s loaded up and being secured onto a car carrier.

The enthusiast did not provide specific instructions, but the cars may be shipped to distribution centers where they are handed over to Chinese customers who have ordered the Model 3. Despite the challenges it has faced in the past few weeks, Tesla does not seem to have slowed down.

After the outbreak of the new coronavirus, Tesla's Chinese company executive Grace Tao advised that after stopping delivery and production of Model 3 in China, the company's stock price fell briefly. In addition, Chinese citizens who have always expected the arrival of Tesla's electric cars are forced to wait longer.

On February 10, Tesla resumed production at its Shanghai plant by sending employees to the plant by bus. At the same time, LG Chem, Tesla's domestic supplier of Model 3 batteries, also resumed operations. Although China is still struggling to contain a coronavirus outbreak, other companies in Shanghai have resumed operations.

Although the epidemic is not over, Tesla has begun preparations for delivery of the latest production Model 3. So far, Tesla has reported that the current Model 3 car production in Shanghai can reach 3,000 units per week.

Tesla doesn't seem to be concerned about the impact of the temporary closure of the Shanghai plant, and its chief financial officer, Zach Kirkhorn, said the company is not too concerned about its financial situation being severely hit by the outbreak because the Shanghai plant has just begun producing cars.