Affected by the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, 's Shanghai Gigafactory has been temporarily closed, but we can soon see it resume production.

On February 8, Xu Wei, spokesman for the Shanghai municipal government said that the Tesla Shanghai factory located in the Lingang New Area of the Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone is scheduled to resume production on February 10.

The Lingang New Area Management Committee also stated that, in light of the characteristics of Tesla and other key production enterprises and the actual difficulties encountered in the resumption of work, they will fully coordinate to help the enterprises put into production as soon as possible and be able to produce normally.

The epidemic of new coronavirus pneumonia has brought certain impacts to all walks of life, and new energy vehicle manufacturers Tesla is no exception. The temporary closure of Tesla's Shanghai super factory will directly affect the Model 3 delivery plan.

Tesla Vice President of Foreign Affairs Grace Tao stated on Weibo on February 4 that the delivery scheduled for early February was postponed, and Tesla would try its best to postpone the speed before the epidemic improves, and the company is working on various plans.

In the face of the epidemic, Tesla also introduced some countermeasures, such as announcing that all vehicles will be charged at supercharging stations for free until the epidemic is over.

On January 30, Tesla announced that it will donate RMB 5 million in special funds to assist the Chinese government in supporting the CDC and other agencies in responding to the outbreak.

Tesla's Shanghai Super Factory invested about 50 billion yuan, which is by far the largest foreign-funded manufacturing project in Shanghai. The first phase plans to produce 250,000 pure electric vehicles annually, and the planned annual production capacity after the completion of operations is 500,000.

According to the original plan, Tesla Shanghai Super Factory will produce Model3 and Model Y. At the end of 2019, the Shanghai Super Factory was put into production, with an initial production capacity of more than 1,000 cars per week.

On December 30, 2019, Tesla delivered the first batch of domestic Model 3s to 15 employee car owners.

At present, the domestic Tesla Model 3 was officially delivered on January 7. The price of domestic Model 3 subsidies has been reduced to 299,905 yuan.

Grace Tao, Tesla's vice president of foreign affairs, said on Tuesday that it currently seems that delivery will be postponed in early February after the Spring Festival, and Tesla will try its best to make up for this after the epidemic situation improves.