In order to achieve the transition from "Made in China" to "Designed in China", CEO Elon Musk proposed a very cool thing -- the establishment of a design research and development center in China, Tesla said in a job advertisement published on its official WeChat account on Wednesday.

The article wote that Tesla will create original "Chinese-style" cars, integrate the most beautiful Chinese art into Tesla's future-oriented, and recruit outstanding design talents to do this.

You can now deliver your original Chinese Tesla design work to Tesla. Tesla also claims that you can use the boldest avant-garde elements, the most IN Chinese aesthetic art, and the most incredible whimsy. Even if you are not a designer, you can challenge.

This time Tesla is not only planning to launch a "special supply car" for the Chinese market, but to integrate designs from China into future models and sell them to the global market.

The first batch of domestic Model 3 sedans produced by Tesla's Shanghai Super Factory was recently delivered to public customers, and the domestic Model Y project started simultaneously in the same period.

Tesla's Model Y steady sales in China will exceed 400,000 units in the future, which will further increase supply chain shipments based on Model 3, Song Shaoling, chief analyst of CITIC Securities' new energy automotive industry, said in a note on Wednesday.