CEO Elon Musk plans to attend a ceremony to witness the first deliveries of China-made Tesla Model 3s to customers on Tuesday, Bloomberg reported on Monday citing people familiar with the matter.

The delivery ceremony of Tesla's China-made Model 3 marks the official opening of Tesla's transition to the mass market of electric vehicles. This is reminiscent of the release of Apple's iPhone 4 to the masses in 2010, which opened the phenomenal transformation of smartphones.

At the same time, companies on the Apple industry chain have also gone through bulls and bears and made ten-fold gains through the rapid development of Apple.

From the ground breaking in January 2019, to the commissioning stage on October 15, and the domestic Model 3 to be officially delivered on January 7, Tesla only took one year.

Tesla's Shanghai plant has officially started production, producing more than 1,000 Model 3 electric vehicles per week.

On December 30, Tesla delivered the first 15 electric vehicles to employees. On Tuesday, Tesla will deliver to the public for the first time, and the delivery ceremony is scheduled to begin at 3 pm.

The Shanghai plant is Tesla's first overseas plant and an important market for Tesla to increase its global car sales. Many analysts said that Tesla's future performance, especially in the Chinese market, will depend heavily on the Shanghai plant.

To attract buyers, Tesla has cut the starting price of its Model 3 sedan made in China by 9% to bring it closer to the price of some local electric car manufacturers. People familiar with the matter said that with the increase in localization of parts, Tesla may further reduce prices in the middle of this year.

Wang Hao, general manager of Tesla China, said last week: "The demand for our locally produced Model 3 is very good. We are confident that we will sell all vehicles produced in this factory."

In the early morning of January 4, Tesla China Weibo released detailed instructions about the Model 3 made in China, and answered questions about price reductions, configuration changes, and delivery.