Elon Musk: China leading the world in renewable energy generation and EVs
"Whatever you may think of China, this is simply a fact," Musk said.
Tesla's Shanghai plant has started double-shift production
Tesla Giga Shanghai has started double-shift production since May 23, and production has been largely on par with pre-Covid lockdown levels, according to local media.
NIO, Tesla showrooms in Shanghai expected to reopen soon with city's new rules to take effect on June 1
Starting June 1, businesses in Shanghai will no longer need to apply to the government if they want to resume operations.
Tesla plans to get Shanghai plant production back to pre-lockdown levels by Tuesday, report says
Tesla will more than double daily production at Giga Shanghai to 2,600 electric vehicles starting Tuesday, according to Reuters.
Tesla Shanghai plant has produced 26,000 vehicles since production resumed a month ago
Tesla's Shanghai plant halted production when the city entered a phased lockdown from March 28, and officially began resuming production on April 19.
Tesla adds 20 Supercharger stations in Chinese mainland in April
To date, Tesla has opened more than 1,100 Supercharger stations in the Chinese mainland, offering more than 8,600 Superchargers.
Tesla plans to keep employees at Shanghai plant working in close-loop until mid-June, report says
Tesla is trying to start a second shift at the plant as early as next week so that car production can resume running around the clock once supplies of parts become smoother, according to Bloomberg.
Tesla Shanghai plant capacity utilization at over 45%, local official says
Giga Shanghai is still in single-shift production, and capacity has been significantly reduced compared to the original three-shift operation.
Tesla recalls 107,293 vehicles in China, will offer fixes via OTA
Some vehicles may face slowed operation of the central processor and sluggish display of the central touch display when preparing for or during DC fast charging.
Tesla reportedly postpones plan to restore production at Shanghai plant to pre-lockdown levels
For Tesla, doubling the number of workers living near the production line to maintain "closed-loop" operations remains a challenge, according to a Reuters report.