Mercedes-Benz allows Chinese EQS owners to upgrade their vehicles' rear-wheel steering system, but they need to subscribe on annual basis
Entry-level EQS owners can have their car's active rear-wheel steering angle increased from 4.5° to 10° after the upgrade, thereby reducing the turning diameter.
Mercedes-Benz's new EQA variant goes on sale in China with lower price tag
Mercedes-Benz today announced the official launch of the EQA 260 model in China, priced at RMB 321,800 ($49,100), above the entry-level Model Y.
NIO's sales beat BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi's BEVs combined in China in March
NIO sold 9,829 units in March, higher than BMW's 3,123 units, Mercedes-Benz's 1,199 units and Audi's 116 units of BEVs in China, according to CATARC data.
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BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi's NEVs are not selling well in China, even salespeople don't recommend them to customers, and some stores sell only one a month.
Mercedes-Benz raises prices of multiple models in China
Mercedes-Benz notified dealers today that it is raising the official guide prices of its models by RMB 3,000 to RMB 76,000 due to a significant increase in raw material prices and global supply chain shortages.
China's Envision to supply batteries for Mercedes-Benz's electric SUVs
Envision AESC will supply power batteries for Mercedes-Benz's EQS and EQE, and plans to build a new plant in the United States.
Mercedes-Benz EQC recall plan in China fails to quell customer discontent
Mercedes-Benz had planned to recall a total of 10,104 EQC vehicles from August 15, but many owners have asked the company to advance that process with new demands.
Beijing Benz to recall 10,104 EQC vehicles after users complain of motor problems
A month ago, dozens of EQC owners in China released a joint statement saying their vehicles had experienced at least one motor failure.
Mercedes-Benz's EQE sedan appears on regulatory list for comment in China
The Mercedes-Benz EQE will be the German automaker's next electric sedan to be introduced to China after the EQS.
Mercedes-Benz named by Chinese banking regulator for its auto finance unit's infringement of consumer rights
In 2019, Mercedes-Benz Auto Finance was fined RMB 800,000 after a user complaint brought it into the spotlight.