Li L6

Li Auto sees 20,000th Li L6 roll off line

Li Auto said Li L6 production capacity continues to climb and will top 20,000 units next month.

Li L6 orders exceed 41,000 units, says Li Auto

Li Auto has updated the purchase entitlements offered for the Li L6, reducing them by RMB 5,000 from the initial ones.

Li L6 orders exceed 30,000 units, says Li Auto

Li Auto updated order numbers for the Li L6 and reminded potential customers that there is only 1 day left for the model's limited-time purchase entitlements to expire.

Li L6 orders exceed 20,000 units, says Li Auto

More than 2,000 units of the Li L6 have been delivered in the past six days, and delivery centers will be delivering vehicles as normal for the upcoming Labor Day holiday, Li Auto said.

Li Auto begins deliveries of Li L6, addresses key concerns

Li Auto said it won't launch a lower-priced Air variant for the Li L6, and the model won't be getting a price cut, even though other models have seen significant price reductions recently.

Li Auto says Li L6 exceeds 10,000 orders in 72 hours after launch

The Li L6 underperforms the Li L9 in the same time frame, with the higher-priced Li L9 having more than 30,000 orders in 72 hours.

Li L6 to be Li Auto sales growth driver, but will face stiff competition, says Deutsche Bank

The Li L6 will be the biggest driver of Li Auto's sales growth this year, but the segment is highly competitive due to the natural effect of falling price ranges, says Deutsche Bank.

Li Auto launches its cheapest model Li L6 with starting price of $34,500

Li Auto will begin small-volume deliveries of the Li L6 next week and expects to deliver about 2,000 units this month, with large-scale deliveries beginning in May.

Li Auto to start deliveries of new model Li L6 next week

The launch event of the Li L6 will begin in a few hours at 8 pm Beijing Time.

Li Auto to launch lower-priced Li L6 SUV on Apr 18

The launch event for the Li L6, which is expected to be the lowest priced in the company's product lineup, will begin at 8 pm Beijing Time on April 18.