Chinese automakers to capture 1/3 of global auto market by 2030, says AlixPartners

Chinese automakers are taking center stage and setting new benchmarks for an industry historically steered by the West, Japan, and South Korea, AlixPartners said.

JP Morgan expects BYD to reach 6 million global deliveries by 2026

BYD's global deliveries could reach 6 million units by 2026, including about 1.5 million units in overseas markets, JPMorgan said.

Nio's CFO change won't disrupt current operations, says Morgan Stanley

A C-level change is rarely positive news, but Nio's recent solid operation should help ease market concerns, thus preventing any panic knee-jerk reaction, Morgan Stanley said.

China EV price competition 'eases...for now,' says Morgan Stanley

BYD's blended price rose 1 percent month-on-month in June, while those of Nio, Xpeng, and Li Auto remained stable.

Deutsche Bank expects Nio to deliver 18,200 cars in Jun, Q2 volume in line with guidance

Nio's new order flow is estimated to be around 22,000 units as it extends its "demo car" discount in June, analysts at Deutsche Bank said, citing dealer feedback.

Nio Q1 2024 earnings: Deutsche Bank's 1st look

Nio reports generally solid first-quarter result and provided a better-than-expected second-quarter volume outlook, said Deutsche Bank.

Morgan Stanley cautions of possible new price competition following BYD's launch of 5th-gen DM tech and new models

“While new launches should boost wholesale volume, we would monitor whether it could spark another round of price competition,” Morgan Stanley said.

Xpeng Q1 2024 earnings: Deutsche Bank's 1st look

"XPeng delivered 1Q24 earnings upside driven by earlier-than-expected recognition of high-margin VW tech and service revenue; 2Q24 volume outlook also came in better than feared," Deutsche Bank said.

Li Auto shares plunge in HK on disappointing earnings, delay of more BEV launches

Li Auto's BEV endeavors appear to be facing structural challenges as transferring its EREV success to BEV is not so straightforward, Deutsche Bank said.

Li Auto Q1 2024 earnings: Deutsche Bank's 1st look

"Li Auto delivered mostly in-line 1Q24 earnings results and 2Q24's volume outlook bracketed our forecast but pricing pressure appears much worse than anticipated," said Deutsche Bank.
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