EV stocks continue rally in Hong Kong, XPeng up 10%, NIO up 2%
NIO is lagging behind its local peers, weighed down by the crash of its test vehicle.
BMW's new $2.24 billion plant in China comes online as automaker ups bet on EVs
The opening of the Lydia plant is an important step in BMW's accelerated electrification transition, and it will offer five all-electric models to Chinese customers this year, BMW said.
Tesla's Shanghai plant will reportedly finish upgrades around August 7 with significant capacity increases
For the first two weeks of July, Tesla will halt most production on its Model Y assembly line for an upgrade, while a similar adjustment to the Model 3 line will be in place for 20 days starting July 18, according to Bloomberg.
NIO responds to vehicle crash that killed two testers
Based on the analysis of the situation at the scene, it can be preliminarily confirmed that the accident was not related to the vehicle itself, NIO said.
NIO model that crashed was ET7, wrong gear by driver led to tragedy, reports say
The driver of the vehicle had hoped to put it in reverse gear, but instead put it in forward, according to local media.
Li Auto to adopt CATL's Qilin Battery next year, CEO hints
Li Auto is aiming to develop pure electric vehicles that can charge to more than 400 kilometers in 10 minutes, the company previously said.
Tesla China to lay off about 10% of workforce, report says
This is part of Tesla's global layoff plan, a local media report says.
Two die after NIO test vehicle falls from building
The tragedy made NIO one of the most discussed topics on Weibo today, with the number of discussions about the accident reaching 1.61 million as of this writing.
CATL unveils Qilin Battery, says it can easily achieve 1,000 km vehicle range
The Qilin Battery will have an energy density of 255 Wh/kg and will be in mass production in 2023, CATL said.
NIO becomes trending topic in China after vehicle falls out of building
An NIO sedan ran off the fifth floor of the company's Shanghai headquarters building and tumbled sideways onto the ground, according to local media.