NIO Power Tracker119

This category is used to track the latest number of NIO's energy replenishment facilities.
NIO enters into long-term strategic partnership with local tourism group
NIO and Nanjing Tourism Group will work together to improve the construction of Nanjing's energy replenishment facilities. It also becomes the latter's hospitality vehicle partner. ...[Read More]
NIO adds 10 swap stations, bringing total to 678
As of November 30, NIO had 678 battery swap stations and 516 supercharging stations, providing 2,940 charging piles. ...[Read More]

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NIO opens another line under Power Up Plan, third this week
This is the third power replenishment line NIO has opened this week under the Power Up Plan, and at least the 15th so far this year. ...[Read More]
NIO reaches 650 swap stations
As of November 26, NIO had 650 battery swap stations and 496 supercharging stations, providing 2,858 charging posts. ...[Read More]
NIO opens new line under Power Up Plan
This is the second power replenishment line NIO has opened this week under the Power Up Plan, and at least the 14th so far this year. ...[Read More]
NIO adds 7 swap stations, bringing total to 647
As of November 25, NIO has 647 battery swap stations, 130 of which are located along highways. It also has 489 supercharging stations, providing 2,840 charging piles. ...[Read More]
BREAKING: NIO signs strategic co-op deal with Shell, world's largest gasoline retailer
NIO and Shell plan to jointly install 100 swap stations in China by 2025 and operate pilot stations in Europe starting in 2022. Shell's charging network in Europe will also be available to NIO users. ...[Read More]
NIO partners with oil giant CNPC to build swap stations for first time
NIO today put into operation two battery swap stations at oil giant CNPC's gas stations. ...[Read More]
NIO signs deal with highway service area operator to jointly build 28 swap stations by end of 2022
NIO has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Guangdong Tongyi, which operates 352 service areas, to build 28 swap stations in highway service areas by the end of 2022. ...[Read More]
NIO completes relocation of swap station that faced demolition
The battery swap station has been relocated to an ancient building called the Bojin Building, near an upscale neighborhood and office spaces. ...[Read More]