Li Auto

Li Auto's first range extender for L9 rolls off line, capacity expected to be 80,000 units this year
The first phase of the range extender production project is planned to have a capacity of 200,000 units, and 388 prototypes have already been delivered to Li Auto.
Li Auto L9 has same size as Mercedes GLS, BMW X7 and half their price tag
With the upcoming launch of the new SUV L9, Li Auto and its supply chain are expected to be the "dark horse" of the year, a team of local analysts previously said.
Li Auto delays L9 launch, originally scheduled for April 16; reveals more info on specs
Li Auto said the L9 could be a mobile gaming space for the home, allowing the Switch console to easily connect to the car's screens.
Li Auto delivers 11,034 vehicles in March, up 125% year-on-year
In the first quarter, Li Auto delivered a cumulative total of 31,716 vehicles, an increase of 152 percent year-on-year.
Li Auto says L9 to come with its smart driving system called AD Max
Li Auto L9's smart driving computing platform includes two Nvidia Orin-X processors with a total computing power of 508 Tops.
Li Auto aims to have over 3,000 supercharging stations in China by 2025
Li Auto aims to have its fast-charging network cover 36 national highways by 2025.
Li Auto partners with Honor to allow car owners to use latter's phone for sensorless unlocking
In the same way that the iPhone supports the sensorless unlocking of Tesla vehicles, Li Auto owners can simply carry their Honor phones and pull the door handle to unlock the vehicle automatically.
Li Auto's SiC chip joint venture established with registered capital of about $47 million
Previous information indicated that the company, which is 70 percent owned by Li Auto's affiliates, would focus on SiC chip development.
Li Auto to launch L9 on April 16, boasts 0-100km/h in 5.3 seconds
Li Auto L9 will be equipped with a 44.5kWh battery pack, which can achieve a CLTC range of up to 1,315km.
BREAKING: Li Auto to raise price of Li ONE from April 1
Li Auto will raise the price of the Li ONE by RMB 11,800, blaming the continued sharp increase in raw material prices.