is offering essentially the same car-buying benefits this month as it did last month, but with an additional 1 year of free NOP+ access for customers who have previously taken delivery of their cars.

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Nio (NYSE: NIO) has announced the benefits it is offering car buyers in China this month, which are largely the same as before.

Customers who pay a deposit for a new Nio vehicle between December 1 and December 31 will receive benefits including 30 free battery swap services, and an RMB 5,000 ($700) option fund, according to a post the company published today on its mobile app.

Specifically, the entitlements Nio is offering in December include:

30 experience vouchers for 30 free battery swap services.

An option fund worth RMB 5,000.

1-year free usage of NOP+ worth RMB 4,560.

10,000 Nio credits worth RMB 1,000. If a customer purchases a car on the recommendation of an invitee, he/she will receive a credit worth RMB 1,200.

This is in line with the car purchase benefits the company has been offering for the past few months, although it today announced a longer NOP+ (Navigate on Pilot Plus) experience period for customers who have previously taken delivery.

Customers who have taken delivery by December 1 and previously received one year of free NOP+ access will have the experience period upgraded to two years by December 31 at no charge, the company said.

The NOP+ feature, along with Nio's battery swap network, the world's largest for smart electric vehicles, can deliver a replenishment experience that exceeds expectations, it said.

Nio continues to offer low-interest loan packages in December with annualized rates as low as 2.59 percent. Customers who purchase a Nio model through a trade-in will receive an extra 30,000 credits.

Nio has offered customers free battery swaps several times a month for the past few years, and on June 12, it lowered the starting prices of its entire model range by RMB 30,000, while making the free battery swap service a paid option.

Starting in August, Nio stopped offering the battery swap package as a paid option, but offered new customers 30 vouchers to experience the service.

($1 = RMB 7.1358)

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