Judging from the image, Jidu's second model will probably be a sporty coupe with large dimensions.

Jidu Auto, the car-making arm of Baidu, was scheduled to showcase its first model, the ROBO-01, and unveil the exterior design of its second model at the Guangzhou auto show. With the show being postponed, the automaker's plans were forced to change.

On November 18, which was supposed to be the opening day of the Guangzhou auto show, Jidu posted a picture on Weibo showing what its second model would probably look like.

Judging from the image, Jidu's second model will probably be a sporty coupe, possibly with large dimensions.

The rear half of the car features a pronounced slinky design, and the taillights appear to be the current attractive through-head design.

"The Jidu ROBO-01 was scheduled to be showcased today at the Guangzhou auto show, and due to the postponement of the show, it was not able to meet everyone as scheduled. But we won't keep you waiting too long, see you in early 2023!" Jidu wrote on Weibo.

"And here's the second Jidu robocar exterior design! It will meet you soon too!" Jidu said.

Jidu was officially launched on March 2, 2021, and will build models based on 's Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA) platform and Baidu's technology in autonomous driving.

On October 27, Jidu launched a limited edition of its first robocar. The model, called ROBO-01 Lunar Edition, is a mid-size SUV that Jidu has equipped with high-spec hardware to give it powerful performance and an attractive price tag.

The ROBO-01 Lunar Edition is 4853 mm long, 1990 mm wide, 1611 mm high and has a wheelbase of 3000 mm. It is priced at RMB 399,800 ($55,253).

Jidu had planned to showcase the ROBO-01 and unveil the exterior design of the second model at the Guangzhou auto show, but the event, originally scheduled for November 18-27, was postponed due to Covid concerns.

Guangdong is currently a Covid hotspot in China, with an additional 355 confirmed cases on November 18, 269 of which were reported by Guangzhou, according to health authorities.

Guangdong also added 8,535 asymptomatic infections on Friday, of which 8,444 were reported by Guangzhou.