's production sites in Hefei has resumed production, local media said, citing unnamed channel sources.

Nio's production sites in Hefei have resumed production, a report in local media Cailian today said, citing unnamed channel sources.

Previous reports that Nio's two factories in Hefei had halted production in October were officially confirmed by Nio, the report noted.

In a November 1 report, 36kr cited sources familiar with the matter as saying that Nio's production has been facing challenges since mid-October.

In line with Covid prevention and control, the JAC-Nio F1 factory originally planned to temporarily shut down production for 3-5 days and use parts inventory to produce in a closed environment, but then the lockdown time was extended, resulting in a greater impact on the overall production and delivery pace, according to 36kr.

Nio's F2 plant in NeoPark has also been under closed management recently, with the plant's vehicle assembly line suspended, the report said, citing sources familiar with the matter.

Notably, it looks as if Nio's factory has not completely stopped operating. The plant's lockdown and sporadic shutdowns have caused Nio's recent delivery efficiency to drop significantly, the 36kr report said.

Yesterday, Cailian quoted a source at the company as saying that the news is true.

Production at Nio's factories has indeed been affected by the Covid epidemic, which will affect production and delivery schedules, the person said.

Data released by Nio on November 1 showed that it delivered 10,059 vehicles in October, down 7.5 percent from 10,878 in September. The deliveries included 2,814 ES7s, 3,050 ET7s and 1,030 ET5s.

Nio currently sells six models in China, including three SUVs based on the NT 1.0 platform -- the ES8, ES6 and EC6 -- and three models based on the NT 2.0 platform -- the ES7, ET7 and ET5.

Only the ET5 is currently produced at Nio's F2 plant in NeoPark, while all other models are produced at the JAC-Nio F1 plant.

Nio's press release announcing its delivery figures said that production and delivery of its vehicles has been limited by operational challenges at the plant and supply chain fluctuations due to the Covid-19 situation in certain areas of China.

William Li, Nio's founder, chairman and CEO, said Tuesday in the comments section of the post about delivery numbers on the company's app that he hopes production of vehicles and parts can return to normal in November to deliver vehicles as soon as possible.