In April, opened a new photovoltaic module production line at its Brazil plant, allowing for increased productivity and efficiency.

BYD Energy Brazil's cumulative production of photovoltaic (PV) modules exceeded 2 million after five years of local operations, according to a press release issued by the company on October 21.

In April, BYD opened a new PV module production line at its Campinas, Brazil, facility that is compatible with all sizes of PV cells currently on the market, allowing for increased productivity and efficiency, according to the release.

"The milestone of two million photovoltaic modules demonstrates our contribution to the consolidation of the distributed generation market," said Tyler Li, General Manager of BYD Brazil.

This latest module production triumph, added to the recent inauguration of the new production line and the new research laboratory for solar cells, consolidates BYD Energy's leading position in the local market, said Adalberto Maluf, Marketing and Sustainability Director of BYD Brazil.

In addition, BYD also announced that the production of the new photovoltaic module N Type TOPCON with a power of 575W would start next December.

The product is highly efficient, durable and will provide a competitive solution for local customers in Brazil, BYD said.

As one of the world's largest new energy vehicle companies as well as a battery manufacturer, BYD has many other lesser-known businesses.

Fortune magazine released its Fortune Global 500 list for 2022 on August 3, showing BYD at No. 436 with revenue of $32.8 billion in 2021, its first entry on the list.

BYD emphasized in a post on its official WeChat account at the time that it is not just a Fortune 500 company, that its business is not just cars, and that it is not limited to China.

After 27 years of development, BYD has businesses covering four industries -- automobiles, rail transportation, new energy and electronics -- and has become a Fortune 500 company that provides total new energy solutions, it said at the time.