Shanghai Technology Co Ltd has seen changes in shareholder and company type.

(Image credit: CnEVPost)

Another Nio-affiliated company has seen changes in its corporate information for reasons unknown.

Shanghai Nio Technology Co Ltd (δΈŠζ΅·θ”šζ₯η§‘ζŠ€ζœ‰ι™ε…¬εΈ) saw changes in its registration information on February 14, with Shanghai Anbin Technology Co Ltd dropping out of the shareholder list and Nio Nextev Limited being added as a new shareholder, information from data provider Qichacha shows.

Nio Nextev Limited is the sole shareholder of the company, holding 100 percent of the shares.

The corporate type of Shanghai Nio Technology Co Ltd changed from a limited liability company held by a local legal entity to a limited liability company held by Hong Kong, Macau or Taiwan capital.

Shanghai Nio Technology was established in November 2014 with a registered capital of RMB 30 million.

Its business scope includes technology development of vehicles and parts, technology development of intelligent systems, technical services and technical consulting.

Shanghai Anbin, which withdrew as a shareholder, was established in April 2018 with a registered capital of RMB 30 million. The company is 80 percent owned by William Li, founder, chairman and CEO of Nio, and 20 percent owned by Qin Lihong, co-founder and president of Nio.

So far, this seems to be a regular business operation.

It is worth noting that Nio recently wrote off a subsidiary that had no actual business, a move that sparked widespread concern after it was heavily reported yesterday and was once the most discussed topic on Weibo.