This is the second day in a row that WM Motor has been hit by a vehicle fire.

For WM Motor, it's in bad luck this week that just won't leave.

At around 7 am on December 22, an electric vehicle (EV) parked on the road in Sanya, Hainan province, burst into flames, according to a report by the local Nanguo Dushibao newspaper on Wednesday.

The local fire department got the fire under control in time, but the EV was burned to the bone, according to the report.

"At first there was just some smoke, and after a while, the vehicle was engulfed in flames," the report said, citing a witness.

The report did not mention the brand to which the car belonged, although the attached video and images circulating on social media suggest it was a WM Motor EX5.

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And just a day before that, another WM Motor EX5 caught fire while charging at a charging station in Zhengzhou, central China's Henan province, at around 04:30 am on December 21, according to

Pictures of the scene show the vehicle was badly damaged, but fortunately the accident did not cause any casualties, according to the report.

According to a report by, the female owner said the car was bought 7 or 8 months ago and she was sitting inside the car when it was charging and rushed out of the car when she heard the explosion.

This has put WM Motor back in the spotlight, after the EV maker had four fires in a month last October.

WM Motor subsequently recalled 1,282 units of the model after last year's accident, saying the vehicles had abnormal lithium precipitation in the power cell due to impurities mixed in the production process by the cell supplier.

In extreme cases, this could lead to a short circuit in the cell, triggering thermal runaway of the power cell and creating a risk of fire, a safety hazard, the company said at the time.

WM Motor in spotlight after EV fire