The entry-level Model Y sold in China now has a 0-100 km/h acceleration time of 6.9 seconds, compared to the previous 5.6 seconds.

After (NASDAQ: TSLA) sold out the entry-level Model Y's available capacity for the year in China, local consumers who order the model now will receive worse acceleration performance.

Information on Tesla's China website shows that the entry-level Model Y, priced at RMB 276,000 yuan ($43,200), has a 0-100 km/h acceleration time of 6.9 seconds instead of the previous 5.6 seconds.

The model's estimated range has been changed from 525 km to 545 km, but it is worth noting that its mileage calculation standard has also been changed from the previous NEDC to CLTC.

(Screenshot by CnEVPost on Nov 12.)

Tesla has a short description of CLTC on its official website, showing that NEDC is the approach adopted based on the Chinese national standard GB/T 18386-2017, while CLTC-P is used based on the new national standard GB/T 18386.1-2021.

The actual range of the vehicle will vary depending on factors such as specifications, the usage and condition of the battery, driving habits, environmental and climate conditions, Tesla said.

Local media quoted Tesla's sales staff as saying that for customers who have previously placed orders for the Model Y, the specifications of the model they will receive will not be affected.

It is also worth noting that Tesla has updated the naming of the Model Y. The three versions now available are named "Model Y" (Model Y), "Model Y 长续航版" (Model Y Long Range), " Model Y 高性能版" (Model Y Performance).

Previously, these three versions were named “标准续航版” (Standard Range)、“长续航版” (Long Range)、“Performance高性能版” (Performance)。

(Screenshot by CnEVPost on Nov 10.)

The Model 3's nomenclature and specifications remain unchanged.

(Screenshot by CnEVPost on Nov 12.)

CnEVPost reported on Wednesday that the delivery time for the entry-level Tesla Model Y has been adjusted to 10-14 weeks from the earlier 6-10 weeks. This means that consumers who order the model now will likely have to wait until at least mid-January 2022 for delivery.

The expected delivery time for both the Model Y Long Range as well as the Model Y Performance is the fourth quarter.