XPeng Motors has high hopes for the G3i, which is aimed at a younger demographic.

The company unveiled the G3i, a facelift of its G3 SUV, on July 9, priced at RMB 149,800 ($23,122) to RMB 185,800.

XPeng CEO He Xiaopeng said he wants the G3i to be the smart SUV of choice for young people priced under RMB 200,000 ($30,870), according to the company's Weibo post on Sunday.

The biggest change from the G3 is that the G3i features a front design similar to the P7 and P5, which the company calls the X Robot Face.

It is available in two NEDC range versions of 460km and 520km, and includes four specifications - the G3i 450G priced at RMB 149,800, the G3i 460N at RMB 172,800, the G3i 520G at RMB 165,800 and the G3i 520G at RMB 185,800.

The model is available in a new cyan color version and more than 40 color change films to cater to the preferences of young consumers.

With a length, width and height of 4,450/1,820/1,610mm and a wheelbase of 2,625mm, it is no different from the G3. However, its door handle is replaced with a hidden design.

As XPeng's first product in 2018, the G3 has become the second best-selling pure electric SUV in China's mid-to-high-end market during 2019-2020 since its launch more than 2 years ago, and won the first place in insurance registrations for A-class pure electric SUV in the first quarter of 2021.

He said at the launch of the G3i that Chinese brands will be increasingly recognized by the world and hoped XPeng could bring innovative transportation options to people.