The rapid development of China's new energy industry is driving demand for energy storage higher, and policymakers are accelerating the development of regulations for the industry.

China will accelerate research on solar energy, new energy storage batteries and other energy electronics industry chain, and develop policies to support the development of the energy electronics industry, said Xu Wenli, deputy director of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's Department of Electronic Information, recently.

These remarks were made during a seminar on energy storage safety hosted by China Energy Research Society and Zhongguancun Energy Storage Industry Technology Alliance in Beijing on July 10.

The National Energy Administration (NEA) attaches great importance to the safe and healthy development of energy storage, said Xu Ziming, director of the Energy Storage and Energy Efficiency Division of the NEA's Science and Technology Department.

Xu also said that China will prepare several policy documents related to energy storage, while continuing to promote pilot projects.

Shi Yubo, president of China Energy Research Society, said that as a strategic emerging industry, energy storage is still at the early stage of industrial development, and there are still challenges in terms of energy storage technology performance improvement, cost reduction, safety, standards and specifications.

Ouyang Minggao, professor of Tsinghua University and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that at present, for batteries, most of the problems have been basically solved, and the important issue is battery safety.

For batteries, various reasons can trigger thermal runaway, even solid-state batteries can also occur thermal runaway.

CATL battery adoption increased 272% year-on-year in Jan-May, report says