Chinese auto giant GAC said Wednesday it will mass-produce its superfast charging technology this September, which will be first equipped on the Aion V model.

GAC will build more than 100 superfast charging stations by 2021, the company said in an exchange with investors.

At a technology conference held by GAC in April this year, Guangzhou Juwan Technology Co, a company incubated by GAC, said GAC's superfast charging is fully available in 3C and 6C versions.

Among them, 3C high rate fast charging can achieve 0 percent-80 percent charge time of 16 minutes and 30 percent-80 percent charge time of 10 minutes.

The 6C high rate fast charging is even faster, achieving 0 percent-80 percent charge time of 8 minutes and 30 percent-80 percent charge time of 5 minutes.

Currently, the 6C superfast charging battery is undergoing mass production piggyback testing.

In the field of battery technology, the company is currently mainly outsourcing the battery cells, mastering BMS hardware, software development and PACK independent integration development, and self-built PACK production line to meet most of the battery pack production capacity needs.

Meanwhile, GAC and battery joint venture factory is expected to be put into operation in the second half of 2021, mainly responsible for the production and supply of power batteries.

GAC currently possesses innovative graphene preparation technology, which can reduce production cost by more than 90 percent.

GAC is also developing a new type of battery with energy density up to 280wh/kg, range up to 1000km and life time greater than 1600 cycles by combining silicon cathode material.

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