Tesla wants to use as many local parts in China as possible to reduce costs. Now, motors, one of the most critical components of electric vehicles, are also being supplied locally.

recently began delivering Model 3 and Model Y models with motors made in China, and they have increased motor power and torque compared to previously delivered vehicles, according to several Chinese media reports.

The China-made Model 3 currently on sale offers a single-motor rear-wheel-drive version and a dual-motor four-wheel-drive version.

Before the motor was changed, the maximum power of the single-motor version was 202kW and the torque was 404Nm, while the maximum power of the new motor was increased to 220kW and the torque was increased to 440Nm.

The front and rear motors of the 4WD version previously had a maximum power of 137kW/202kW and a maximum torque of 219Nm/404Nm respectively. The front and rear motors of the new model have a maximum power of 137kW/220kW and a maximum torque of 219Nm/440Nm.

The Model Y long-range version with the dual-motor system has the rear motor replaced, while the front motor remains unchanged.

The Model Y is currently sold in China as the Long Range version with dual-motor four-wheel drive, whose front and rear motors have a maximum power of 137kW/180kW and a maximum torque of 219Nm/326Nm, respectively.

After the replacement of the motor produced in China, the front motor remains unchanged, while the rear motor's maximum power is increased to 220kW and peak torque is 440Nm.

In simple terms, Tesla has increased the power and torque of the rear motor after using a China-made drive motor, and the front motor has not changed.

Other than the motor power change, there are no other changes to these models.

The China-made Model 3 starts at RMB 250,900 ($38,791) for the standard range version and RMB 339,900 for the 4WD Performance version.

The China-made Model Y 4WD long-range version is priced at RMB 347,900.