Motors' shares are expected to start trading in Hong Kong next week, and the HKEx will launch stock options contracts on the same day it goes public.

HKEx will launch Xpeng's stock options contracts and if its shares are successfully listed in Hong Kong, and trading in the new stock options will tentatively begin on the same day, Wednesday, July 7, 2021, according to an HKEx announcement.

These contracts will be traded in units of 200 shares with minimum volatility of HK$0.01.

The contract months offered by HKEx are July, August, September, October, and December 2021, as well as March and June 2022.

HKEx has a limit on investors' positions, requiring no more than 50,000 open contracts for each month.

Xpeng is offering 85 million Class A common shares in a global offering, which includes an international offering of 80.75 million Class A common shares and a Hong Kong public offering of 4.25 million Class A common shares.

Xpeng's prospectus released in Hong Kong shows that its shares are expected to begin trading in Hong Kong at 9 am on July 7.

For investors subscribing to Xpeng shares in Hong Kong, they will have to pay a brokerage commission of 1 percent, a 0.0027 percent Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission transaction fee and a 0.005 percent SEHK transaction fee.

This means that the initial cost for an investor to buy Xpeng in Hong Kong is at least HK$18,181.386.

As is customary for companies listed in Hong Kong, Xpeng is expected to announce on July 6 that investors have received the placement. Investors can trade on the grey market from 16:15-18:30 Beijing Time on the same day.