China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) is currently pushing ahead with a previously established plan to electrify vehicles in the public sector, with the goal of fully electrifying vehicles for public use and commercializing fuel cell vehicles by 2035, according to the Shanghai Securities News.

The MIIT began implementing the Action Plan to Promote the Electrification of Public Sector Vehicles at the end of last year to further strengthen the use of new energy vehicles in buses, urban logistics vehicles, and sanitation and cleaning vehicles.

According to Shanghai Securities News, China will start letting local cities apply to participate in a full-scale electrification pilot and study support policies, including incentives, in the hope that electrification of the public sector will boost private consumption.

"This national pilot, no matter how many cities participate, will allow the number of electric vehicles and the scale of charging stations and battery swap stations to expand significantly," the report quoted new energy vehicle expert Sun Hengzheng as saying.

The heavy truck industry, which has not previously been noted, is also accelerating its adoption of new energy power sources.

In a list of vehicles released by the MIIT on May 14, Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science And Technology, SANY Heavy Industry and Aerosun Corporation each had two fuel-cell heavy-duty truck models on the list. Among them, SANY and Aerosun are the first time to enter the list.

At present, the number of heavy trucks in China has exceeded 8.5 million, and the number of construction machinery has also exceeded 8 million. If all of these vehicles were to use clean energy, they could reduce CO2 emissions by 900 million tons per year, accounting for nearly 9 percent of the country's CO2 emissions, the report quoted experts as saying.

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