GAC Aion, the new energy vehicle brand of the GAC Group, announced in March its so-called "magazine battery", which is claimed to be highly safe. Now the company proved it with a pinprick test.

GAC Aion held an online launch event for a pinprick test of its battery with lithium iron phosphate cells on May 20, using an 8mm diameter steel needle at 100 percent SOC.

The test results showed that the ordinary battery used as a comparison showed a voltage drop and temperature rise after the steel needle pierced the cell and triggered thermal runaway. The maximum temperature of this battery was 329.4°C and smoke appeared for 16 minutes.

In contrast, GAC Aion's magazine battery did not show smoke during the needling experiment, and the maximum temperature near the needling point was only 51.1°C.

(Source: GAC Aion)

After standing for 48 hours, the magazine battery's individual voltage dropped to 0V and the temperature dropped to room temperature, and there was no smoke, fire or explosion, according to the company. Its internal structure is intact after opening the battery system shell.

GAC Aion became the second new energy vehicle brand after to let lithium iron phosphate batteries pass the pinprick test without catching fire.

The magazine battery is designed like a safety chamber, which can effectively block the spread of thermally runaway cells.

(Source: GAC Aion)

When the detection of abnormalities in the voltage or temperature of the battery cells, automatically start the battery quick-cooling system to cool the battery.

Currently, GAC Aion's lithium iron phosphate battery and lithium ternary battery are already installed in GAC Aion's AION Y model.

More models will be equipped with magazine battery safety technology in the future, and the possibility of other brands equipped with magazine batteries cannot be ruled out, the company said.

GAC Aion launches its own battery technology, becoming another carmaker after BYD to do so

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