Chinese electric car company Motors (NYSE: XPEV) said Monday that its Navigation Guided Pilot (NGP) assisted driving feature has surpassed 1 million kilometers as of 20:00 Beijing time on February 20.

This comes just 25 days after Xpeng pushed an OTA update to its flagship P7 sedan and opened the NGP (public beta) feature to users on January 26.

On February 10, Xpeng announced that NGP users have exceeded 500,000 km, 14 days after its launch. This means that the second 500,000 km of NGP user mileage was completed in an even shorter period of 11 days.

The increasing frequency of use reflects not only the wide range of NGP applications but also the growing recognition and trust of users in its capabilities, Xpeng said.

NGP is the core of the Xpeng XPILOT 3.0 autonomous driving assistance system. Relying on NGP, the vehicle can achieve automatic navigation-assisted driving from point A to point B based on the navigation route set by the user.

Xpeng P7 can use the NGP function on most highways and some urban expressways covered by the Advanced Driver Assistance Map. The feature allows vehicles to automatically change lanes, automatically overtake, make speed limit adjustments and automatically get on and off-ramps on highways.

Xpeng says the NGP was built in-house to achieve higher scene coverage, lower manual takeover rates, and more efficient lane changes.

However, Xpeng says the feature is assisted driving, not fully released autopilot, and can help drivers complete their journeys more easily and safely, and cannot completely replace them.

Users need to scan the code through Xpeng APP to watch the NGP safety operation video and pass the safety test before starting the NGP. Users also need to operate as required when using it, otherwise, NGP cannot be activated.

After NGP is turned on, the radar perception + vision perception, positioning, sensor fusion, motion control, and motion planning are transmitted to the large center control screen in the vehicle. When the vehicle is running, the large center control screen displays clearly and provides information such as environment simulation, speed limit indication, and construction reminder.