1. Prerequisites

In order to use the "CnEVPost" website and its services, you (hereinafter also referred to as "User") should read carefully all the terms of the "CnEVPost User Agreement" (hereinafter referred to as "Agreement") and confirm that you have fully understood the meaning of all the terms of this Agreement, in particular the terms that exclude or limit liability and the individual rules for or using a service, and choose to accept or not to accept them.

Minors should be accompanied and guided by a guardian in reading this Agreement and obtaining the guardian's consent prior to using the services under this Agreement.

You are not authorized to use the Site and the Services as a registered user unless you have read and accepted all of the terms of this Agreement. The ways in which you agree to this Agreement and other rules include, but are not limited to:

By clicking on the appropriate button on the Site that indicates agreement.

By oral or written representations made by e-mail, telephone, fax, instant messaging, etc.

Use of the Site or the Service such as obtaining, logging into an account on the Site (including the act of logging in through a cell phone or third-party service account, etc.).

Other means approved by both you and us.

This Agreement will constitute a direct and binding legal document between you and CnEVPost. We reserve the right to modify the terms of this Agreement as necessary.

You may review the terms of the relevant Agreement in the most current version of the Site. In the event of any conflict between this Agreement and the actual functional settings of the Site or the Service, the actual functional settings shall prevail.

If you continue to use the Site or the Service after the terms of this Agreement have been changed, you will be deemed to have accepted the revised Agreement. If you do not accept the modified agreement, you should stop using the Website and the Service as registered user.

2. Use of the Site

We grant you a non-transferable and non-exclusive license to use this website.

In order to improve user experience and service content, we will continuously strive to develop new services. In order to ensure the security and functional consistency of the Site and the Services, we reserve the right to update the Site or change or limit the effect of some features of the Site without special notice to you.

When a new version of the Site is released, the old version of the Site may not be available. We do not guarantee the continued availability of the old version of the website and the corresponding customer service.

3. Content of the Service

"CnEVPost" is an information provider focusing on the electric vehicle field in China. You can register an account for the Service, and the ownership of the Service account belongs to "CnEVPost", and after the user completes the registration procedure, he/she only gets the right to use the Service account, and the right to use belongs to the initial registrant only.

Meanwhile, the initial registrant shall not give, borrow, rent, transfer or sell the service account or otherwise allow the non-initial registrant to use the service account.

The non-initial registrant may not use the Service account by gift, inheritance, lease, assignment or any other means.

You may use your username (nickname), avatar, and other text and graphics as your account identifier in the format and scope supported by the Site, subject to our review and approval.

We reserve the right to require you to provide written documentation to verify the compliance of your username (nickname), avatar, and other text and graphics. We reserve the right to require you to modify your account, whether or not it has been reviewed if it:

Tends to make users believe that the account was created by or is associated with such official organizations.

Contains the name or part of the name of a celebrity in the relevant field, or the name or part of the name of a well-known institution in the relevant field, which is likely to make the user believe that the account was created by or is associated with such celebrity or institution.

Contains language or other objectionable words or patterns that violate public order and morality and common moral values, ethnic discrimination, racial discrimination, hatred, obscene information.

Has exaggerated propaganda or misleading circumstances.

There is any infringement of trademark, copyright, name right, trade name right or unfair competition, etc.

The name of the individual user contains the words "company/group" or other words that may lead people to believe that the account is actually registered or controlled by an enterprise.

Overlap with existing user names.

Any other violation of laws, regulations, policies, directives of regulatory authorities or infringement of the legitimate rights and interests of third parties, or any other circumstances that may disrupt the operation of the Service.

You can start to use "CnEVPost" website and related services without registration, but some functions or services may be affected.

You are responsible for maintaining the security of your registered account information and account password, and you are legally responsible for actions taken under your registered account and password.

You agree not to disclose account and password information to others under any circumstances. If you suspect that someone else is using your account, you should notify us immediately.

If you do not log in to your account for a long period of time after registering for the Service, we reserve the right to recycle the account to avoid wasting resources, and any losses incurred as a result will be the sole responsibility of the user.

You understand and agree that we have the right to decide to use the Site and the Service for commercial purposes, including but not limited to developing and using part of the Service for the promotion of third parties.

We are not responsible for the deletion or storage failure of your relevant data in the Site and the Service.

We have the right to determine the maximum storage period of data in the Site and the Services for individual users at our discretion and to allocate the maximum storage space for the data on our servers, etc. based on the actual situation. You may back up the relevant data in the Site and the Services on your own according to your needs.

That we may permanently delete your data from the server if you stop using the Site and Services or if the Services are terminated or canceled, and that we are not obliged to return any data to you after the cessation, termination or cancellation of the Services.

Users must choose the version of the Website that matches the terminal device installed; otherwise, any problems or damages caused by the mismatch between the Website and the terminal device model shall be borne by the users themselves.

That the risks that may be caused by third-party websites and related contents when users use this website to access third-party websites shall be borne by the users themselves.

The risks and responsibilities that may arise from the dissemination of comments posted by the user that are forwarded and shared by others, and therefore, etc.

The risk of login failure, incomplete data synchronization, slow page opening speed, etc. caused by unstable wireless network signal, small wireless network bandwidth, etc.

In order to provide effective services to you, this website will use the processor and bandwidth of your terminal device and other resources. The use of this website may generate data traffic costs, users need to understand the relevant tariff information from the operator and bear the relevant costs.

4, User Code of Conduct

The "content" mentioned in this article refers to any comments and other content made, copied, published, and disseminated by the user in the course of using this website and the service, including but not limited to text, voice, video, pictures and other information in any form.

You shall not use this website and the Service to produce, copy, store, publish, or disseminate the following contents, including but not limited to:

Spreading rumors, disturbing social order, and destabilizing society.

Spreading obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, terror, or abetting a crime.

Insulting or defaming others, infringing on the legitimate rights and interests of others.

Those that infringe on the legitimate rights of others such as reputation, portrait rights, intellectual property rights, trade secrets, etc.

Those involving the privacy, personal information or data of others.

Harassment, advertising information, excessive marketing information, and spam or containing any sexual or sexually suggestive information.

Other information that violates laws, regulations, policies, public order and morals, social morals or interferes with the normal operation of "CnEVPost" and violates the legitimate rights and interests of other users or third parties.

Unless we give you written permission, you may not, in the course of using this website, do any of the following:

Remove copyright information from this website and its copies.

Reverse engineering, reverse compiling, decompiling, or otherwise attempting to discover the source code of this website.

Using, renting, lending, copying, modifying, linking, reprinting, compiling, publishing, publishing, creating mirror sites, etc., of the content for which we own intellectual property rights.

To add, delete or change the functions or operational effects of the website by modifying or falsifying instructions or data in the operation of the website, or to operate or disseminate the website or methods used for the above purposes to the public, whether or not these acts are for commercial purposes.

Interfere with the Website and its components, modules, and data by itself or by authorizing others or third-party websites to do so.

Other actions that are not expressly authorized by us.

You understand and agree that you are responsible for all actions taken under your registered account, including any content you post and any consequences thereof.

You shall exercise your own judgment regarding the Content on the Service and bear all risks arising from the use of the Content, including risks arising from reliance on the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of the Content.

We cannot and will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from the foregoing risks.

If we find or receive reports or complaints from others that users violate the agreements of this Agreement or other rules of the Service, we have the right to delete or block the relevant content at any time without notice, and depending on the circumstances of the act, impose penalties on the offending account, including but not limited to warnings, restriction or prohibition on the use of some or all functions, account banning or even cancellation, and announce the results of the treatment.

5, User personal information protection

The protection of users' personal information is one of our basic principles, and we will take reasonable measures to protect users' personal information.

We will not disclose or reveal your personal information to third parties without your permission.

If you are a minor under the age of 18, you should obtain prior consent from your parent or legal guardian before using our services.

6. Responsibility for terminal security

You understand and agree that this website, like most Internet sites, may be affected by a variety of factors, including but not limited to user reasons, quality of network services, social environment, etc.

You understand and agree that it is our and your joint responsibility to maintain the security and normal use of the website and that we will take the necessary technical measures to protect your terminal device information and data security in accordance with industry standards in a reasonable and prudent manner, but we cannot provide a complete guarantee in this regard.

7. Intellectual Property Rights Statement

We are the owner of the intellectual property rights in the Site and the Service.

All copyrights, trademarks, patents, trade secrets, and other intellectual property rights of this website and services, as well as all information contents related to this website and services (including but not limited to text, pictures, audio, video, graphics, interface design, layout frames, relevant data or electronic files, etc.), are protected by the laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China and the corresponding international treaties.

We have the above-mentioned intellectual property rights, except for the rights to which the relevant right holders are entitled in accordance with the law.

Without the written consent of us or the relevant right holder, you shall not implement, exploit or transfer the above intellectual property rights for any commercial or non-commercial purposes by yourself or license any third party.

8, Other

All other rights not expressly granted elsewhere in this Agreement remain with us, and you must obtain our separate written permission to exercise such rights.

Our failure to exercise any of the foregoing rights does not constitute a waiver of such rights.

The headings of all provisions of this Agreement are for convenience only and shall have no meaning in themselves and shall not be relied upon in construing the meaning of this Agreement.

If any provision of this Agreement is, for any reason, partially invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall remain in effect and binding on the parties.

If any dispute or controversy arises between you and us, it shall first be settled by friendly consultation; if consultation fails, you agree to submit the dispute or controversy to the Shanghai Arbitration Commission for settlement through the arbitration rules then in effect.

The language of the arbitration shall be Chinese, and the award of the arbitration shall be final and binding on both parties.