XPeng's City NGP to be launched this year will outperform Tesla FSD, CEO says
XPeng P5 test cars equipped with the City NGP did not need to be taken over at all, or only once, during multiple tests, he said.
XPeng says NGP mileage exceeds 19 million km as feature turns one year old
XPeng said it has achieved 96 percent NGP user penetration and the feature accumulated 224,119 driving hours in the past year.
XPeng makes driver's license points-like system available to all users to prevent abuse of assisted driving
XPeng owners have an initial point of 100, and those with more than 90 points get priority access to the public beta OTA upgrades.
XPeng begins public testing of system similar to driver's license points to prevent users from abusing assisted driving features
XPeng users will be given an initial 100 points, which will be deducted if they are found to be abusing assisted driving.
XPeng P5's City NGP will blow your mind
While many acknowledge that the age of autonomous driving is coming, the vast majority may still underestimate the speed, and XPeng Motors has just demonstrated that.
XPeng says NGP user mileage surpasses 5 million km
XPeng Motors said Thursday that users have accumulated more than 5 million kilometers using the Navigation Guided Pilot (NGP) feature as of May 31, 125 days since the feature was made available to users on Jan. 26.
XPeng says NGP user mileage has surpassed 2.3 million kilometers
XPeng revealed the data in its monthly report for March released Monday, saying the rapid growth in mileage is a testament to the popularity and acceptance of NGP.
Deutsche Bank comments on XPeng 3,000km NGP expedition: Setting the standard for consumer autonomy
In the opinion of Edison Yu's team at Deutsche Bank, the high success rate of the XPeng NGP's highway autonomy is impressive and sets the standard for consumer autonomy.
XPeng completes 3,000 km NGP challenge with over 90% success rate on most roads
Chinese electric vehicle company XPeng Motors announced Saturday that it has completed the 3000km Navigation Guided Pilot (NGP) long-distance challenge, with a success rate of over 90% on most roads.
XPeng begins 3,000 km expedition challenge to show off its self-driving capabilities
XPeng Motors launches a 3,000-kilometer drive via Navigation Guided Pilot (NGP) on March 19 to showcase the electric vehicle company's proud self-driving technology.