CATL expects its battery capacity to reach over 670 GWh by 2025
Looking at future capacity demand and the company's current capacity profile, it has a capacity gap of no less than 390 GWh by 2025, CATL said.
BYD's auto finance subsidiary to get about $900 million in capital increase
As demand for BYD vehicles climbs, the number of vehicles for which BYD Auto Finance provides loans is also expected to explode in 2022, BYD said.
BREAKING: XPeng secures about $1.14 billion credit line from local bank
XPeng's cash and cash equivalents, restricted cash, short-term deposits, short-term investments and long-term deposits reached RMB 43.5 billion by the end of last year.
NIO's battery asset operator raises $62.62 million through ABN offering
This allows Mirattery to establish a direct financing channel in the Chinese interbank market, providing a boost to the further development of its BaaS service system, it said.
NIO's semi-solid-state battery supplier WeLion reportedly sees valuation soar to about $2.36 billion
WeLion was out of favor with investors just over a year ago, but with NIO Day 2020 putting solid-state batteries in the spotlight, the company's funding environment has turned around.
Self-driving startup Zongmu closes over $157 million in Series E funding
Zongmu will build a campus capable of supplying autonomous driving systems for 2 million vehicles per year in Dongyang, Zhejiang province.
Solid-state battery startup GTC Power closes over $7.8 million in funding
Founded in 2020, GTC Power provides high energy density products and completed prototyping of 1Ah, 5Ah and 20Ah all-solid-state lithium batteries.
Baidu invests in XPeng-backed LiDAR maker Zvision
XPeng is Zvision's sixth-largest shareholder with a 5.77356 percent stake. Baidu is the ninth-largest shareholder with a 5.00001 percent stake.
Property developer Country Garden invests in solid-state battery startup Tailan
Country Garden's venture capital arm has invested in Chongqing Tailan, which is building a 200 MWh automated production line for solid-state lithium batteries in Chongqing.
Xiaomi invests in auto chip design firm AI Micron
Founded in 2017 and focused on the smart car sector, AI Micron is a Fabless chip design company.