Tiger Global increases bets on XPeng, Li Auto in Q1
Tiger Global increased its stake in XPeng by 120.33 percent and in Li Auto by 167.35 percent in the first quarter. The fund does not own any shares of NIO.
Hillhouse Capital liquidates NIO, XPeng in Q1, cuts position in Li Auto by 50%
At the end of the fourth quarter last year, it held 350,000 shares of NIO worth $11,088,000 and 666,500 shares of XPeng worth $33,545,000.
George Soros fund buys assets issued by NIO in Q1
As of March 31, Soros' investment funds held 101,796,000 shares of NIO's assets classified as "NOTE" for a total value of $84.36 million.
Bridgewater doubles bets on NIO, XPeng, Li Auto in Q1
The world's largest hedge fund increased its stake in NIO by more than 70 percent in the first quarter, and doubled its stakes in both XPeng and Li Auto.
Bridgewater adds position in NIO in Q4, trims XPeng and Li Auto
The world's largest hedge fund increased its position in NIO by 8 percent, reduced its position in XPeng by 8 percent, and cut its position in Li Auto by 7.5 percent during the fourth quarter.
This is who bought and sold NIO stock in Q4
What we didn't notice before is that Swiss National Bank, Switzerland's central bank, is also an investor in NIO.