Why does China need Tesla?
China's weakest point in the electric vehicle industry chain is vehicle manufacturing, with the difficulty lying in the need to support and improve the entire industrial chain.
Tesla says some Chinese customers can get their Model 3 before Spring Festival
In the early morning of January 4, Tesla China Weibo released detailed instructions about the Model 3 made in China, and answered questions about price reductions, configuration changes, and delivery.
Tesla Model Y price in China expected to be CNY 444-535K
The price of Tesla's new SUV Model Y in China has been announced with its three versions priced from an estimated CNY 444,000-535,000.
Tesla cuts prices of China-made Model 3
The price of the upgraded version of the standard rang Model 3 has been cut from 355,800 yuan to 295,000 yuan, according to Tesla China. 
A Chinese lab says it has remotely hacked into Tesla's in-vehicle system
Tencent Keen Security Lab said on Thursday that their engineers have been able to remotely hack into Tesla's in-vehicle system through wireless protocols.
Tesla says to deliver 2nd batch of China-made Model 3 on Jan 7
Tesla said on Thursday that it will deliver the second batch of China-made Model 3 sedans to customers at the Shanghai plant on January 7.
Beijing launches first manned autonomous driving test
Beijing officially launched a self-driving test for carrying people and objects on Monday, with the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone opening a 40-square-kilometer area as a test area for autonomous vehicles, according to Beijing Daily.
Tesla delivers first China-made Model 3
Tesla delivered the first China-made Model 3 at the Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai on Monday.
Tesla confirms delivery of first batch of China-made Model 3 on Dec 30
Tesla confirmed the delivery of the China-made Tesla Model 3 will happen on Monday after media reports saying 15 Model 3 sedans will be delivered to employees.
Tesla says V3 Superchargers will be widely distributed throughout China in 2020
After the first supercharger station in China with V3 Superchargers was completed in Shanghai, Tesla said on Saturday that such superchargers will soon be established nationwide.