The latest spy photos show the EC7 with a rear wing and its body details are also shown.

Earlier this month, a spy photo of the so-called NIO EC7 began circulating on social media. Now, some new photos show more details of the model.

Auto blogger @水水兄同学 shared three new spy photos of the alleged NIO EC7 on Weibo today, showing the model with a rear wing as shown in the previous spy photo.

"I wonder if it will be the best-looking model (of NIO)," the blogger wrote.

Here are the images shared by the blogger.

Separately, another car blogger @德卤爱开车 shared a video of the car in motion.

Two weeks ago, automotive media outlet Xchuxing posted a spy photo of what is suspected to be an NIO EC7 on a road test, saying the model will be a coupe SUV that could come with NIO's previously patented electric rear wing.

The model is closely wrapped in camouflage, though smooth body lines with a coupe-style can be seen, the report noted.

Compared to the previous, more vague spy shot, today's latest spy shots more clearly show the model's coupe-style as well as the rear wing.

NIO filed a patent application for the electric rear wing on June 6, and the patent went into effect on August 30, previous information showed.

The device not only makes the vehicle look better, but also reduces wind resistance, reduces energy consumption and reduces lift at the rear of the vehicle, thus ensuring rear wheel grip and vehicle steering performance, a patent description document showed.

The document did not reveal any information about the NIO model, although some on social media, including Weibo, speculated at the time that the first NIO model with an electric rear wing could be the EC7.

The current NIO models on sale include three models based on the NT 1.0 platform -- the ES8, ES6, and EC6 -- and three models based on the NT 2.0 platform -- the ET7, ES7, and ET5.

The company expects to transition the NT 1.0 platform models to the NT 2.0 platform in 2023 for a more powerful cabin and smart driving capabilities.

Models based on the NT 1.0 platform do not come with LiDAR, while models based on the NT 2.0 platform come standard with LiDAR and have the NIO Adam supercomputer based on four Orin SoCs with a total computing power of 1,016 TOPS.