at 1,183, down from 1,345 the week before. at 2,163, higher than the previous week's 1,798.

Insurance registrations for new energy passenger cars in China in the third week of October were essentially unchanged from the previous week, while the overall passenger car market declined, the latest figures show.

From October 17-23, insurance registrations for all passenger cars in China were 358,773, down 6.24 percent year-on-year and down 4.30 percent from the previous week, according to data shared by auto blogger @朱玉龙-YL on Weibo today.

New energy vehicle (NEV) models in the week were 107,196 units, up 38.68 percent year-on-year but down 0.38 percent from the previous week, according to the blogger.

Among the major NEV makers, continued to lead the pack with 40,723 insurance registrations for the week, up from 39,855 the week before.

was at 5,268 units, up from 1,724 the week before.

had 2,732 units for the week, up from 2,438 the week before.

XPeng Motors had 1,183 units, down from 1,345 the previous week.

Li Auto had 2,163 units, up from 1,798 units the previous week.

Insurance registrations of BYD vehicles in China reached 103,726 in the first three weeks of October, according to the data shared by the blogger.

Tesla was at 9,210 units, NIO was at 6,398 units, Li Auto was at units and XPeng was at 3,108 units in the same period.

Tesla yesterday lowered the prices of all Model 3 and Model Y models in China, which is expected to boost sales in addition to getting consumers who were previously on the fence to decide to take delivery of their vehicles.

On October 21, CnEVPost's monitoring found that all NIO models saw their expected delivery times shortened, with the ET7, the flagship sedan, seeing its expected delivery time almost halved from the previous one. This may signal that the production capacity of NIO models has improved.

Here are the numbers shared by the blogger for the first two weeks of October.

China NEV insurance registrations in 3rd week of Oct: BYD 40,723, Tesla 5,268, NIO 2,732

China NEV insurance registrations in 3rd week of Oct: BYD 40,723, Tesla 5,268, NIO 2,732