At next Monday's Tech Day event, is expected to unveil new developments in the areas of assisted driving, smart interactions, smart robotics, and flying cars.

XPeng Motors is starting to warm up for the new Tech Day, with its biggest event of the year just days away.

The fourth edition of 1024 XPeng Tech Day will take place on October 24, starting at 20:00 Beijing time, the electric vehicle company said in a post on its WeChat account today.

At the Tech Day event, XPeng will announce new developments in the areas of intelligent assisted driving, intelligent interaction, smart robotics and flying cars, the company said.

Similar to 's NIO Day, XPeng's Tech Day event is its most important annual event. But unlike NIO Day, which is an occasion for NIO to unveil products, XPeng Tech Day focuses on sharing technological advances.

The event, which was first held on October 24, 2019, is an important window into XPeng's technical layouts for the future.

At last year's third XPeng Tech Day event, the company unveiled its subsidiary XPeng Aeroht's sixth-generation flying car, a vehicle that can both drive on land like a normal car and fly in the air.

XPeng chairman and CEO He Xiaopeng said at the time that the company aims to have the flying car in mass production by 2024, with a price tag expected to be under RMB 1 million ($138,500).

The company also said at the time that it hoped to introduce China's first mass-produced 800V high-voltage SiC platform. At the Guangzhou auto show a month after that, XPeng unveiled the G9 SUV, saying the model was based on that platform.

XPeng also unveiled the XPILOT 4.0 system at last year's Tech Day event and said its new car would be equipped with the system.

On September 21, the G9 was officially launched, and XPeng said the model will be equipped with a second-generation assisted driving system called XNGP.

With the launch of XPeng G9, the XNGP intelligent assisted driving system and the new interactive experience brought by full-scene voice 2.0 will gradually become a reality, the company said today.