will exclusively supply batteries to Primergy's $1.2 billion Gemini PV and energy storage project.

CATL has reached an agreement with US utility and distributed scale solar and storage operator Primergy Solar LLC to exclusively supply batteries for the latter's Gemini solar and energy storage project, the Chinese power battery giant announced today.

Primergy's Gemini project, located near Las Vegas, Nevada, will have a total investment of $1.2 billion, according to a statement from CATL.

The project will have 690 MWac/966 MWdc solar panels and a 1.416 GWh energy storage system, making it one of the largest solar energy storage projects in the United States when completed.

Primergy designed the DC-coupled system for the Gemini project, combining solar modules with CATL's energy storage system to maximize efficiency, CATL said.

CATL will provide Primergy with EnerOne, a long-life, highly integrated and secure outdoor liquid-cooled energy storage cabinet with thermally stable lithium iron phosphate cells with a cycle life of 10,000 cycles, according to CATL.

EnerOne will provide stable operation of the Gemini project and meet Primergy's need for safe and reliable operation of the project, CATL said.

"Together with CATL, we are building a market leading and highly sophisticated battery storage system that can capture surplus solar power during the day and store it for use in the early evening after the sunsets in Nevada," said Ty Daul, CEO of Primergy.

CATL believes the partnership on the Gemini solar project will set a great example for large-scale electrochemical energy storage applications, thus promoting global drive towards carbon neutrality, said Tan Lipin, the company's vice president.

This is CATL's second supply agreement with a US company in a month.

On September 22, CATL announced that it had entered into a partnership agreement with FlexGen, a US energy storage technology platform and solutions provider, to supply the latter with 10 GWh of energy storage products over a three-year period.

CATL will supply FlexGen with EnerC, a containerized liquid-cooled energy storage product that can withstand a wide range of weather extremes and keep the system running safely and reliably for 20 years, the power battery giant previously said.