From mid-October, new Model Ys coming off the Giga Shanghai production line will be equipped with improved rear seats and an additional manual release for the rear doors.

(Image credit: CnEVPost)

Tesla's Shanghai plant began production of the refreshed Model Y this month with optimized rear seat comfort and emergency opening of the rear doors, according to local media.

From mid-October, all new Model Y models coming off the line from Tesla's Giga Shanghai will increase the length of the rear seats on both sides by 30 mm, according to a report by Yiche today.

The update provides better leg support for rear passengers and reduces fatigue during rides, according to an introductory document shared by the report.

The facelifted Model Y will also feature a manual release for the rear doors in case of emergencies, according to the document.

No other spec information on the Model Y has changed, according to Yiche.

Information on Tesla's China website shows that the expected delivery time and price of the Model Y remains unchanged, with three models available -- the entry-level Model Y with rear-wheel drive starting at RMB 316,900 ($44,050), and the Model Y Long Range with dual-motor all-wheel drive at RMB 394,900. The Model Y Performance with dual-motor all-wheel drive is priced at $417,900.

Model Y retail sales in China in September were 46,694 units, the highest of any SUV in the country, according to a list released by the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA) on October 12.

Tesla Model Y tops all SUV sales in China in Sept-CnEVPost

From January to September, the SUV sold 219,112 units at retail in China, up 135.77 percent from 92,933 units in the same period last year, data monitored by CnEVPost showed.

Tesla Model Y tops all SUV sales in China in Sept-CnEVPost

On September 30, local tech media Huxiu cited unnamed sources as saying that the Model 3 and Model Y prices in China will be significantly reduced, with the Model Y price cut expected to be as much as RMB 40,000, allowing the Model Y rear-wheel drive version to start at a price that could drop to RMB 270,000 to 290,000.

The Paper later cited a response from a Tesla China source that the rumor was false, but provided no further details.