The Li L8 will be built on the same platform as the Li L9 and can be seen as a scaled-down version of the Li L9, as previously reported by some local media.

The latest spy shots show that 's new SUV Li L8, to be launched in November, will have a similar screen setup to the company's Li L9, which it has just started delivering, seemingly confirming some previous rumors.

Local auto media PC Auto today shared three alleged spy shots of the Li L8's interior, saying that its style, as well as layout, is basically the same as that of the Li L9, including two large screens in the center position, a small screen above the steering wheel and a head-up display system.

(Image credit: PC Auto)

Judging from the second row of seats, the vehicle in the spy shots is a six-seat layout, and the rear of the front center armrest box is also equipped with a refrigerator similar to the Li L9, according to the report.

Li Auto launched the Li L9 on June 21, its second model after the Li ONE, which continues to feature extended-range technology.

The biggest change to the interior of the Li L9 is the addition of several large screens. The model features three 15.7-inch car OLED screens for the center console, passenger entertainment screen, and rear cabin entertainment screen.

These OLED screens offer 3K HD resolution and extreme color reproduction never before seen in an in-car screen, giving every family member a top-notch audio-visual and entertainment experience, Li Auto previously said.

The experience boost from the larger screens is obvious, and Li Auto's local counterpart Motors has a similar setup of two screens in the front center in its flagship SUV, the G9.

Li Auto announced on September 1 that it will launch its new SUV, the Li L8, in early November and deliveries will begin that month.

The Li L8 will be built on the same platform as the Li L9 and can be seen as a scaled-down version of the Li L9, but still with a longer wheelbase than the Li ONE, as previously reported by some local media.

During an interaction with customers on August 31, Li Xiang, founder, chairman and CEO of Li Auto, said the Li L8 SUV will be available in a five-seat as well as a six-seat model, and they both offer Pro versions as well as Max versions as options.

"These two models are offered in a total of four configurations and four SKUs. They will take on the mid-size SUV market with four times the intensity of the Li ONE," Li said.

Notably, the Li L8 will be used by Li Auto to replace its first model, the Li ONE, and this has sparked an outcry from many owners.

The Li ONE will be officially discontinued in October, but its after-sales service will not be affected in any way after that, the Securities Times said in a report today, citing a Li Auto source.

Li Auto faces owner outcry as it discontinues Li ONE in Oct to make way for Li L8